Friday, March 11, 2011

Murdoch: Gone are the days before

Exactly how the new media have the power? In this issue, the astute people have reached a consensus.

"New media is a very impressive growth rate. New Media dosage should be much higher than the growth rate of traditional media." CCTV CTR research firm, said Wei Qi, director of the cases.

Have the most extensive source of new media elements of the media, is the television investors train, train operators and television media advertising operator. The cover train television network covering almost all the developed coastal areas and major cities in the Mainland, the number of years, covering more than 120 million people.

According to the latest survey of CTR in 2005, the top ten domestic advertising companies, at least three or more selected source media such wide influence of new media. At the same time, another media management from the People's University Institute of Survey, said the domestic traditional media in the newspaper group, its advertising revenue is facing a 10% to 30% of the sectoral decline.

If you are domestic companies and institutions of the investigation results are not very interested, let us look at the media king Rupert Murdoch is how to make judgments. This is Murdoch in a public speech not long ago referred to.

"We need to recognize that the new generation access to news and information of the time, method and sources have undergone tremendous changes. They do not want to rely on the morning newspaper to get the latest information and does not need newspapers to tell of God-like tone what they are important. "

76-year-old Murdoch has also learned to change. In early 2005, Murdoch called a number of executives to formulate strategies for development of the Internet news groups. Subsequently, the News Corp. 580 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Intermix Media.Intermix Media has more than 30 entertainment, games and social networking site, has become one of the Internet world, a trump card. Murdoch, after it has acquired game company IGN Entertainment Web network and network sports company Scout Media and so on.

In almost all the new media leveled today, even arrogant Murdoch has to admit: The days before, and now the trend is reverse for us. If the traditional media do not conform to the trend of technological change, the completion of the transition for new media, then even the impregnable "Berlin Wall", there will collapse one day.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ASP.NET 2.0 at the same time to prevent the same user login

To prevent the same user while landing page should record the information online (in this case the user name), and then determine which are the user login is already exists. Here has been to use a cache store login user name, but there is a problem is to know when the user is away system? This should clear the cache content on a regular basis, and that is to set a cache time. This time can be the user's session with the value of link failure happens when the user session when the value of the user information in the cache will be empty inside. This reached the landing of the effect of preventing the same time, the specific code as follows:

On the landing place of success:

string key = TextBox1.Text; / / user name text box set to cache Keyword

string uer = Convert.ToString (Cache [key]); / / read the corresponding value of the user cache

/ / Determine whether the cache in the user's information, if the value is not relevant, the user does not login

if (uer == null | | uer == String.Empty)


/ / Define cache expire time

TimeSpan SessTimeout = new TimeSpan (0, 0, System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout, 0, 0);

/ / Insert the first time a user login related to cache values

HttpContext.Current.Cache.Insert (key, key, null, DateTime.MaxValue, SessTimeout, System.Web.Caching.CacheItemPriority.NotRemovable, null);

Session ["ADMINID"] = TextBox1.Text;

Response.Redirect ("main.aspx");



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jsp precompilation issues

This method is by far the JSP pre-compiled for the most convenient way ("flick-a-switch" approach), he has many pointed to no significant shortcomings. If an error in the JSP's compile time or at deployment (or redeployment) of the time of the year, Web application, pre-compiled will be suspended in exceptional office. In addition, if a particular Web application JSP files inside the case there are many, declarative precompilation significantly affect deployment time, blocking deployment until all the files have been compiled. For large applications, where there are hundreds of JSP files to declarative pre-compiled to be executed when the trend of this deployment time in minutes to calculate (in some cases 10 to 15 minutes, other circumstances may be more) . Idea to start a server instance, in a specific Web application deployment cycle into the state of pre-compiled with declarative activation. If there are a lot of JSP application files and deployment, close to completion already spend a lot of time, throw an exception during compilation because the sudden failure, of course, lead to frustration. Although at first seems more convenient, but the declarative build on production systems result in significant risk management, it should be careful consideration before using it.

Process in pre-compiled

Under the WLS most reliable method of pre-compiled JSP is to use the Java command line, weblogic.jspc, which is located in the lib directory under WLS installation of weblogic.jar file. This tool allows developers to deploy in the development stage and the issue resolved before compile time when compiling JSP files needed. It also provides for the production system capable of achieving a pre-compiled JSP administrator. The main advantage of this usage are:

鈼?files can be pre-compiled once and then can be deployed many times. (This is not an instance of the server affected by reuse)

鈼?compile-time exception can be resolved without affecting the pre-deployment.

鈼?class can cluster deployment.

Disadvantage is the need to use weblogic.jspc human intervention, and its development time and become obsolete when the JSP file must be re-run time. However, Kaolv to the front of the two methods of discussion, we almost can not be that convenient as a drawback of this method, so recommend it Zuowei the most reliable and flexible mechanism for achieving pre-compiled JSP.

Executive weblogic.jspc

In order to more effectively use weblogic.jspc, you must first understand its usage and grammar. This article we will use WLS6.1 SP2's tools. Note: The following shows the syntax and best practices should be applied to all versions of WLS 6.1 and the new WLS 7.0.

To call the command-line JSP compiler (weblogic.jspc), you must determine the following:

鈼?PATH environment variable must contain J2SE1.3 installed on your machine binary packages directory (for example, / opt/j2se/1.3.1/sdk/bin or c: sunsoftj2se1.3.1sdk


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ADSL slow down and eliminate the causes for eight summary

Several users have, ADSL high-speed broadband network in use, sometimes not as good as the original narrow-band MODEM (modem) Internet speed. So, Internet is slow mainly what causes? How to quickly find and remove it?

1. NIC binding agreement too.

Slow access, the LAN users are common, because too many card agreements binding. Card on a number of agreements, if bound, when the data through the network card, the computer would take a lot of time to determine which protocol to use this data to send, then the user will feel the Internet slow. The solution is: Let a network card to connect only to run the PPPOE protocol ADSL, to provide external access to the Internet connection, the other to run the LAN card and other agreements to fulfill their job performance, so the client connection speed will be improved.

2.ADSL bad cooling equipment.

ADSL equipment work more than fever, usually pay attention to cooling, many users the ADSL equipment and routers, hubs, etc. in a cabinet, the work of a variety of equipment cooling, affecting the normal operation of the ADSL. Just surfing the web as normal, 5 minutes, speed down, download speed and narrowband 56kMODEM the same time a very hot hand touch equipment, for an ADSL device, the speed will come up. Therefore, computer, ADSL and other equipment not on the same cabinet, to be distributed display, equipment, ventilation and heat dissipation between the left channel, computer room temperature is best achieved, the general ambient temperature should be controlled in 10 鈩?~ 30 鈩? Relative humidity was maintained at 40% to 70% as good.

3. Access to the Internet interface error.

This is because Windows (Windows software) IE Internet Connection Wizard to specify access to the Internet interface error caused, Enterhet300 (virtual dial-up software) using a type of virtual LAN dial-up, while the IE default using ordinary dial-up, visit the first time IE looking for dial-up interfaces. Can not find the dial-up later on there to find the proxy server inside the LAN, and finally will find Enternet300 this interface, it will be very slow, only to re-run again Internet (Internet) connection wizard, select the LAN mode, and removed the automatic search for proxy servers solved.

4. System does not support multitasking.

If the user's computer just meets the minimum configuration, this system can not support while browsing the web, downloading software, music and many other tasks. A variety of tasks while at work will feel the Internet slow. Thus, while generally not more than two tasks as well.

5. Does not bind TCP / IP protocol.

Unbound TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) / IP (international agreement), and more for the network card drivers installed without a good, quality card problem, PCI (bus standard) slot bad. Should first device manager to delete the network card driver, reboot and install drivers; if not good, the card for a PCI slot, and back to a network card can not good.

6. Telephone lines and poor quality.

ADSL technology requires high quality of telephone lines, ADSL is currently used RADSL (ie rate adaptive ADSL), if the telephone office to a telephone line between users in a certain period of time, interference by external factors, RADSL based on line the quality and transmission distance, dynamically adjust the user's access speed. If access to the foreign site, bandwidth and speed will be subject to export other Zhandian lines, equipment configuration and other factors, need to keep the network Xietiao with the solution. Line problems are: because the construction did not follow the construction standards, quality left hidden, such as mice did not result in additional plastic casing snapped line; patch panels or other materials due to quality problems, leading to poor contact jumper; users renovation dark apply the interior line of failures.

7. Software is not reset.

Users install ADSL broadband, the Internet has changed the conditions, the corresponding tools are not re-set, is also one of the reasons causing slow. Such as communications software QQ, will need it for some settings. Select from the QQ panel "System Parameters" command, click on "Network Settings" tab, the original "dial" to "LAN access Internet" on it.

8. Microcomputer hardware and software problems.

Hardware failures mainly in the user card is damaged or not properly installed; user computer motherboards and network cards are not compatible; user computer grade is too low, leading to slow less memory. Such as hardware configuration Celeron 600/64MB memory, WINDOWSXP operating system, will lead to very slow running computer, Internet speed would be higher. Software failure was mainly due to computer users do not understand the knowledge, in the course of misuse, leading to damage to the operating system error or dial-up software can not access; user does not operate correctly, so dial-up software illegally closed, leading to software errors; users after browsing some pages , system problems, when dealing with accidentally deleted the backup dial-up software; user computer problems, reinstall system, dial-up software is not installed. As long as these problems can re-install dial-up software fault exclusion.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Around the "home appliances to the countryside," the strange status of the eight

"Appliances to the countryside" and "3G" is undoubtedly the new year, the two most important words are not optimistic in the face of the economic situation, which is stimulating domestic demand are two important words. "Appliances to the countryside" project will be the home appliance business driven, the lower reaches of the whole industrial chain.

Up to 13% of the financial subsidies, "home appliances to the countryside" policies been introduced, it gives a great "temptation." "Appliances to the countryside" full extension, despite the much farmers happy, but the actual operation, some dealers shoddy, not high dealer enthusiasm gradually exposed, and because of special consumer market in rural areas, consumption habits lead to some of the interesting phenomena of concern.

A strange situation: the rural market about face-saving desktop PC more popular big box

Current rural market to buy a computer is only 10% of the first rich people who care about the service and the computer is to meet his special needs. Equipped with large screen, large desktop chassis face not only a lot more, but not easy to move because the property appears more secure.

Strange Situation 2: Dell, HP, Lenovo PC well known foreign brands ignored or

According to wave (Beijing) Electronic Huang, vice president of the countryside just to the study found that "in the rural market in addition to Lenovo, and other brand awareness is not high." Current rural market to buy a computer is only 10% of the first rich person, but for the other 90% of the potential consumers are still unfamiliar with the current computer.

Strange Situation three: dealers are more willing to sell "Plan" foreign products

"Appliances to the countryside" products for sale, you must shoot out the invoice, farmers can receive subsidies for tickets. But dealers believe that this increased the tax burden, many people took only one such opening sales tax evasion, or do not want to sell "home appliances to the countryside" products.

Strange Situation four: a trial of strength with the cottage's hard to say who is the winner

Cottage cheap mobile phones, feature-rich, appearance is also consistent with the preferences of many farmers, have occupied the absolute advantage of the rural market. Brand mobile phones to rural areas and cottage phone is bound to direct confrontation, who the winner is really hard to say.

Strange Situation five: with telecom operators, "bundling" PC makers to sell computers

With telecom operators in the rural outlets advantage, PC manufacturers can further penetrate the rural market. Similar "binding mode" already used in the home PC business. Founder, wave and PC companies such as Haier, have confirmed this cooperation.

Six strange situation: farmers complaining about the high price

Home appliances to the countryside in the Ministry of Commerce official website information management system, Chongqing Dazu's Zhang Yuehai complained that, "Skyworth 26L16SW price of 1,950 yuan released, while the reported price Taobao 1799 yuan, is it that some people in the name of home appliances to the countryside deceive the guise of rural consumers we do? "

Seven of strange situation: Dealer complaint is not making money

Chongqing's rural areas are also bringing home appliances dealer Lee information management system official on-line complaint. More than 1000 yuan appliances, purchase price and the price difference is only tens of dollars, but also pay taxes, but also packages delivered to your door, does not make much money. And is still going to participate because of the publicity has put a lot of early, not failed to be implemented and continue to participate go on, but also a small profit or a loss, I do not know what to do.

Strange situation of 8: defective products to sell appliances to the countryside into points

"Changjiang Daily" reporters in Hubei Xiaogan, Xiantao, doors and other places in the survey day, the dealer who declined to be named said that in some areas, there are some dealers out of individual non-winning products in a "home appliances Going down "signs, to repair machines and renovation Jiujia Dian, shoddy, new to the old charge, and then play half price, tickets sold to farmers on condition that 13% of farmers do not ask for financial subsidies. Some farmers believe that discount prices are more expensive to ask for financial subsidies trouble, it will let some unscrupulous traders an advantage.

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IM: Decisive Force's crowded

Currently, instant messaging has become the phone, fax, E-mail after one of the most important way of communication and exchange. Compared to more traditional means of communication, IM is no doubt in the communication, collaboration has a more convenient speed. However, inherent personal IM security, and poor management of many problems, making enterprises, government organizations and institutions such as the user sticks in the throat, thereby specifically for enterprise applications, enterprise instant messaging (EIM) demand is becoming strong.

According to statistics, in 2008 China's enterprise instant messaging market reached 22.36 million end-users, due to the global financial crisis, China's enterprise instant messaging market growth has slowed, relative to the full personal instant messaging and mobile instant messaging hot, Enterprise instant messaging is still going strong development.

Personalized personalized design configuration

Enterprise instant messaging products still in its infancy in China, whether Tencent's QQ, or Microsoft's MSN, Yahoo Messenger, to meet the business from the independent, free use of the demand point of view, these software are passive use for the enterprise. QQ's success lies in its people do not know the instant communication, when he "pager network" concept spread; MSN's growth is its strong entertainment purposes such software QQ under the present conditions, to provide an office relatively specialized for work use instant messaging software. However, with the use of QQ, MSN users increased, the further away from the needs of business users. How to avoid the use of IM at work of employees in private communication, instant messaging into the enterprise to become an important issue to be resolved? While most enterprise instant messaging software, has text, voice, video and other functions, also can file transfer and sharing, The software itself does not provide additional functionality to achieve the configuration of humanity?

Currently, businesses can have a good real-time communication system, as found a handy business secretary. However, the review of the current enterprise instant messaging market, the homogeneity of the instant messaging software abound, and enable enterprises to truly customize according to their own needs on demand, human development has very little real-time communication system.

Sectors of the business needs of a human custom, free to use rather than the passive use of the instant messaging system that allows companies to use to free from the passive configuration changes. Currently, there are already a small part of business needs software providers began to come to the front, they are trying to create a free and independent businesses, personalized configuration of the software environment. For example, King Abacus Software ( the timely availability and real-time Shangwutong "BIM", is the current situation in this market a natural product. The software for the user to create a free and independent, stable and secure instant messaging software environment. Not only provides users exchange text, voice communication and mobile phone text messaging, file transfer and other diversified information-sharing, while also providing powerful plug-ins, users can customize news, weather, stock inquiries, search engines, office software learning software and other services. The same time, focus on product features and details of the human design. For example: server remote monitoring capabilities, to reflect the IT managers of human care.

Leading the trend of SaaS applications

As a professional enterprise instant messaging IM services must reflect the individual significant differences in instant messaging products. In the enterprise instant messaging market, Tencent RTX, Microsoft LCS, IBM Sametime and other products account for most market share, but LCS, Sametime non-localized products, corporate instant messaging product associated with the overall business system solutions and high, dependent , which also makes its product prices and higher total cost of ownership, while three types of products dearly. In addition, the deployment of the implementation of complex and serious impact on the development of their products. Therefore, the future of enterprise instant messaging product is not a simple technical issue, but an application problem.

Today, SaaS-based enterprise instant messaging application product lead times. SaaS applications for its simple, personalized, cheap, professional features, a management software development. As a corporate office platform-based enterprise instant messaging is so simple to implement, to meet individual needs, cost-effective, professional office rental model real-time platform. At the same time, some software vendors started to pay attention to changes in consumer and intended to introduce some products at any time to adjust to new market conditions. For example: the above-mentioned gold abacus software company ( introduced the application of BIM is SaaS-based enterprise instant messaging tool, more promotional package for SMEs Internet services that integrate with existing business systems , enterprises are not required to pay network access and other computer hardware and the high cost of infrastructure, you can achieve regional office, cross-enterprise collaboration. The establishment of real-time collaborative work areas, to achieve the business collaboration without time and space. Striking is that BIM also features according to the enterprises themselves, create different dimensions of organizational structure; the same time a high degree of integration throughout the Golden Abacus e-commerce platform (, may be synergistic business management of the supply chain companies in the whole e-commerce platform ( in search of customers and suppliers of resources simultaneously saved in the BIM, the convenience of customers and suppliers with real-time business communication and improve the competitiveness of each product.

Platform development trend

With the accelerated development of the Internet, especially Internet applications this year for more in-depth development, enterprise IM platform functions as a more protruding. EIM new era not only has all the functions and features of personal IM, and more requests can be made available to enterprises in management, communication on the controllability, efficiency and flexibility, it is more than just chat and transfer files, but a communication service platform.

As a mature and comprehensive platform for enterprise instant messaging, instant messaging to reach a mature product quality, including the stability of large-scale use to support text, voice, video and other communication capabilities, with the IM platform features; and have a good platform of ideas and design, reflects the openness and good scalability characteristics, rich and standardized interfaces, and to open API interfaces. Such as gold abacus BIM will open a lot of interfaces, applications for the future connection of the various operational systems open the door.

Therefore, the future use of EIM as a unified enterprise business systems and unified messaging platform, the entrance portal will be a new concept.

In the market is huge, good industrial environment in China IM market, how to grasp the direction of investment, seize market opportunities, how to instant messaging in the enterprise market, grabbed the first cup of soup, all the software service provider is bound to one of the issues to consider .

From a competitive point of view, who can provide enterprises with the free independent, stable and secure instant messaging system, who can adopt new ideas, new model for enterprise instant messaging to provide personalized service, who is likely to become the winning enterprise instant messaging market persons.

From a market point of view, meet the needs of enterprise instant messaging software system, of course, is through the appropriate way to maximize the "liberation" business needs to meet the business needs on-demand and personalized products for the enterprise, the enterprise and efficiency of communication among staff, only then can we save business costs, provide efficiency. So integration is the instant messaging product development means necessary.

Of course, as more and more the appearance of instant messaging products and business heats up demand for instant messaging, enterprise instant messaging market will continue to develop ideas into products and services from a thoroughly experienced the baptism of the market from childishness to maturity. We believe that with the development of enterprise instant messaging technology, enterprise instant messaging system, users will also be changed using the previous model. The future, an open instant messaging system for the new office hub of the enterprise platform, with the popularization of network applications become a reality.

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Simple table space to talk about Visual Basic.NET transmission

VB.NET is still relatively common, so I've done some research VB.NET transmission table space out here and share with you, we want to be useful. Two databases (ltdb and epras), derived from ltdb tsts table space (user ts, including two data files) to epras


1.ltdb Exporting Transportable Tablespaces (to sysdba implementation of export) to the dmp file

2. Will ltdb the tsts tablespace to read-only

3. With the operating system command to copy the data files and dmp file to another location to another database epras use. If one server, dmp files can not copy, reproduce completed, will ltdb the tsts tablespace to read-write

4. Epras ts user database is created (this time without authorization)

5. Importing table space can VB.NET transmission (in sysdba implementation of import) to the dmp file to epras database

6. Epras the tsts table space will be changed to read and write, to ts authorized users

Benefits: and the data exp / imp than the fast, dmp files contain only 10g tablespace metadata support different platform tablespace transport, support Big Head / Head of transmission between the operating system version before the oracle can transmission characteristics of the table space can make the table space in the same architecture and operating systems migration.

In Oracle Database 10g, this limitation disappears: the same byte order as long as the operating system, you can transport tablespaces between platforms VB.NET. Some operating systems (including Windows) in the low memory address least significant byte stored using multi-byte binary data; so this system is known as low-address low-byte order. In contrast, other operating systems (including Solaris) will be most significant byte is stored in low memory addresses, so this system is known as low-address high byte order. When a low-address high-byte order of the system tried to address low-byte from a low-order system to read data requires a conversion process - otherwise, the byte order will lead to the correct interpretation can not read data.

However, when the platform in the same byte order transfer table space between the VB.NET do not need any conversion. 10g tablespace cross-platform migration, compared with 9i is to increase the use Rman to a file format conversion process.

Check the table space to be converted

EXECUTE DBMS_TTS.TRANSPORT_SET_CHECK ('tswin1, tswin2', TRUE); PL / SQL procedure successfully completed. 'Is there a conflict SELECT backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp FROM TRANSPORT_SET_VIOLATIONS; no rows selected 'run rman rman TARGET / CONVERT TABLESPACE tswin1, tswin2 TO PLATFORM' Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit) 'FORMAT' / tmp / rman /% U ';' in the above example, the converted file name is difficult to identify and difficult to associated with the original files 'can also use other formats for the data file named CONVERT TABLESPACE tswin1, tswin2 TO PLATFORM' Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit) 'db_file_name_convert' / tmp / LTDB ',' / tmp / rman '' This will converted to retain the file name. backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /

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